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Original and unique designs since 2005.
  • Plan

    Every piece of information on how you picture your buisness is essential. We collect guidelines both for the visualization and the technical and functional requirements.

  • Design

    Basing on the information gathered, we develop and suggest solutions. The project is refined until you accept the final version. Check out project stages.

  • Implementation

    From the project to implementation - we care for quality and use optimal solutions.

Responsive Web Design

The increasing popularity of mobile devices causes the users to look up web pages not only on a computer or laptop screen. More and more often they visit websites using mobile devices like tablets or smartphones, devices differing in shape and screen resolution with screen rotation enabled.

Responsive Web Design allows to adapt the layout, navigation options, design and visibility of the elements to the specific needs of the device where the web content will be displayed. As a result, all users have access to one content source placed in a way which is convenient to read and navigate.

Website creation - step by step

  • Interview

    The initial contact with the Clients serves to get to know the type of the operation, the expectations and requirements they have for the new website. To prepare a quote, we collect the largest possible amount of information. We present very often several solutions for a topic and therefore, several price options.

  • Formalities

    The final price and chosen variant having accepted, an agreement is signed with the exact scope description and schedule. The project commences as soon as an advanced payment (40%) is made.

  • Preliminary design

    This is the stage where a preliminary graphic design of the website is created. We usually present the Client with 1-2 graphic designs of the homepage and a subpage for choosing the right design.

  • Full design

    Next, a complete initial design in the chosen variant is created in collaboration with the Client. It serves as a foundation for further work on the remaining website elements.

  • Implementation

    After the Client has accepted the whole of the graphic design, the implementation stage begins. The whole design project is being "cut" and coded using XHTML and CSS technology. Programming the website's functionality is being conducted in parallel.


  • Launch

    After the Clients' approval of the final result of the implementation stage, the website is launched. The Client receives the CMS administration panel manual. In-house end-user trainings are also optionally provided (only Warsaw locations).

All right. What about support?

You can count on us during the whole design and implementation process and after the implementation as well. That is obvious.
We counsel, advise and aid in choosing an optimal solution.

We work only with cutting - edge modern technology.

Our customers profit from our services designed mainly on Open Source solutions like CMS Made Simple or Wordpress with user and content management features. Such approach has at least two advantages: competitive price range and the benefits of a continuous development of these solutions by a committed community. This ensures keeping to the latest web standards and a very large pool of additional functionalities to choose from.

CMS - Content Management System CMS Made Simple allows for easy management of website content without the need for expert knowledge on software that lies behind it. The user needs only to log into the administration panel for full access to the website's content. From there, the intuitive text editor makes any changes in the websites content possible.

  • A multifunctional and flexible CMS. With its excellent potential for development and large number of continuously developed modules, CMS Made Simple is fit for simple websites as for a large scale corporate website. Most of our projects are based precisely on this system.

  • The world's nr 1 blogging platform. Full stop. Wordpress serves also as a splendid CMS for a simple website. We offer a unique design, implementation, configuration and optimization.

  • A complex e-commerce platform powering over 130,000 on-line stores in 150 countries. PrestaShop comes with many advanced features and extreme flexibility.